How To Set Winning Goals For 2019

Course Fee: ₦35,000

Hi,my name is Yvonne Chioma Ofodile (as you already know, lol). A UK certified personal development coach, Oil and Gas trading and sales executive, management and leadership consultant and a young passionate Business woman. Lets stop here for now (Smiles).

If you’re anything like me, having a fresh slate is incredibly seductive. I mean — can’t we just tackle ALL the dreams and goals at once?!?

But hungry, driven folks like us need to be smart and strategic and not over-commit. 

Taking on too much is a recipe for under-performance, stress and ending up being overwhelmed – none of which will lead to the happiness and fulfillment you deserve.

You’ll learn a simple two-step process to help you eliminate overwhelm before it happens and get laser focused on what’s truly most important in 2019 so you can actually get it done.

Simplify to amplify is one of my core life principles.

I’ve found it’s far more effective and satisfying to focus on the critical few things that really matter vs. foolishly attempting to tackle ALL possible goals at the same time in that beautiful brain of yours.

If your big ambition often turns into big overwhelm, you need to be on this course

The course would also give you access to a  printable worksheet that will help you create a clear, visual guide to stay focused and productive all year long. You won’t only be learning how to set goals, you will also be having a coach hold your hand on the journey to achieving your goals.

I gotta say — something tells me that 2019 is going to be your best yet.


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