30 days to self Discovery

Course Fee: ₦65,000

Allow me to introduce myself to you briefly before we eventually begin to ride.

Hi, my name is Yvonne Chioma Ofodile (as you already know, lol). A UK certified personal development coach, Oil and Gas trading and sales executive, management and leadership consultant and a young passionate Business woman. Lets stop here for now (Smiles).
I have chosen to run this course at this time, after the frequent messages on social media and other platforms asking questions that narrowed down to self discovery and personal development. Much more, I personally enjoy seeing women who have discovered themselves, are gaining momentum in their said fields and are gracious enough to pick the girl/woman next door that has come knocking . I do not like stingy people (Straight face).
Oprah said we rise by lifting others – this is my why. This is why I will be taking time out of my busy schedule to roll with you weekly till you reach your Aha-moment and can now fly.

You’re more than talented enough.

Don’t worry about what those other folks have, how much they’ve done or how many people follow them.

It’s never about what ‘they’ do anyway. It’s always about what you do.

Whenever you feel afraid or insecure, it means that you’ve momentarily forgotten how deeply you’re loved. What a miracle you are. How far you’ve already come.

You are good enough.

That’s a bonafide, irrefutable fact. One you never need question again.

My 30 Days Self Discovery Course is rated at N65,000 (Discounted rate).
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